Book Street Dancers: Flawless

Book Street Dancers: Flawless

Book Street Dancers: Flawless

The moving dancing group Flawless will leave you speechless. They are known as the "dancers" dancers in the industry and among their contemporaries. They have created a new level of hardcore street dancing that has never been attained in the genre's history because to their immaculate technique and outstanding natural ability. Flawless, with their skilled and experienced execution, have single-handedly transformed street-dance.
The ensemble has received numerous honours for its ingenuity, including titles as world and UK street dancing champions. Their biggest triumph came when they won the global dance championship in Germany. They faced off against a plethora of dancers from 50 different nations. In addition to winning first place, they are the first and only group in street dancing history to receive a perfect score from all judges worldwide!
One of the top dance collectives today, Flawless has an outstanding portfolio that shows their development as a creative organisation and as a recognised global brand. Since appearing on Britain's Got Talent in 2009, they have interacted with royalty at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, shared the stage with legendary musicians, danced in all the country's premier venues, and expanded their creative repertoire by working with renowned dance companies like the English National Ballet ( ENB ). They also gave a performance at the Paralympic Games opening ceremony in London in 2012. Flawless are now prepared to make use of their abilities as artists and entertainers by providing a variety of professional services.
Flawless' stunning routines have made them into a sought-after international performer, with appearances at events in India, Hong Kong, Monaco, and United States. They continue to be in high demand for their spectacular performances on TV and at corporate events. They have appeared in fashion photos for magazines like NOW and GQ, who described. As "Men on Trend," flawless! This group of ten brilliant dancers has had an incredible year and is quickly becoming one of the top male dance groups in the world.
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