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Book The Hologram Illusionist

Book The Hologram Illusionist

Modern video mapping technology is used in The Hologram Illusionist Show, which also features beautiful choreography. Hologram illusion shows that are visually stunning and come to life in front of the audience transport viewers there. The technology utilised in the video mapping illusions gives the impression that our illusionist can create trees out of thin air, make items vanish, and pull a dove out of thin air. To produce breath-taking results, cutting-edge screening technology is combined with high-quality graphics.
For worldwide business events and product launches aiming to wow guests with a cutting-edge new medium, the high impact and totally original video mapping show is the ideal wow factor entertainment. Hara Hiroki, who has several outfits he may use but typically performs in a custom white suit, can combine trademarks and branding as well as specialised pictures into his hologram illusion act, offering viewers a truly tailored experience.
Hara Hiroki, a multi-award-winning entertainer, magician, and contemporary illusionist, has a stellar name on the global magic scene that has been steadily expanding since he has been on numerous TV programmes, including the well-known BBC series "The Magicians" and "America's Got Talent." He has wowed audiences throughout the world in Asia, America, Europe, and beyond. He is now well-known worldwide and has received endorsements from superstars like Simon Cowell ("You are Amazing, a million percent YES!!") and Ne-Yo ("I can absolutely imagine you in Vegas," "I'll purchase the ticket," and more).
This technological illusion performance is ideal for brand or logo premieres, conferences, business gatherings, and high-end events since the guests are consistently impressed by the creative video mapping illusions. Companies of the greatest calibre like Ferrari, Dior, and McKinsey & Company are on his list of former clients.
A Pro Tip
A stage magic show, a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality Show, a VIP appearance illusion created by a holographic projection, and more performance choices are available.
Contact our entertainment coordinators to inquire about booking the strikingly unique Hara Hologram Illusions Show. They will be pleased to go over the possibilities with you.

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