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The Sacred Riana is a stage production that centres on the mysterious and supernatural and is a force to be reckoned with and one to watch closely at all times. Our master illusionist performs a spooky stage performance that is not suitable for those with weak hearts, summoning spirits and moving things with the help of telekinesis.
The Sacred Riana engages with guests while doing a variety of close-up magic tricks and big illusions involving zombies, possessed doppelgдngers, and other bizarre props. She is an almost silent grand illusionist who only speaks in warnings.
Our Indonesian grand illusionist is a mystery to her fans, but they recognise her by her long white sock, red dress, thick dark hair that hides half of her face, and long white top. This big illusionist quickly transforms from a benign childlike appearance into a living nightmare for certain visitors as she creeps up behind them and murmurs warnings of a larger power that is coming for them.
The Sacred Riana, the ultimate Halloween show, combines elements of horror films with excellent staging, dramatic routines, horrifying extras, and mysterious illusions and magic tricks.
This master illusionist, the winner of Asia's Got Talent and a quarterfinalist on America's Got Talent, offers a fully realised horror movie experience that is dark, dramatic, and theatrical. The Sacred Riana boasts a terrifying theatrical production that has never been seen before, making celebrity judges shudder in their chairs.
The Sacred Riana also has an imagined buddy named Riani who is a battered doll and offers various narratives and acts. Riana has had Riani since she was a young child. Riani The Doll supposedly has a tiny girl spirit inside of it. As the young girl spirit tugs on Riana's hand, the spirit makes her head twitch. When Riana is on stage, she tries to refuse Riani as she tries to pull and grip her hand, and this causes her hands to shake constantly. When Riana stands, her legs sag from Riani's soul holding them.
Will Riana prevent Riani from eventually being released into the world? Learn more at your upcoming event.
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