Book This Multi-Genre Musician

Book This Multi-Genre Musician

Book This Multi-Genre Musician

1. Does the performer have a live stream or a recorded video available? The performer can offer a pre-recorded video as well as a live streamed performance. How long is the show, exactly? The length of the pre-recorded film will be approximately 30 minutes, and the live show might last up to an hour depending on your needs. 3. Are the shows customizable? Yes, the artist has the option of including audio logos, personalised messages, musical idents, or other sounds or audios in the performance. Alternatively, he can incorporate sounds, movie lines, songs, and more in accordance with the event's theme, subject to your preferences. В 4. How long does a pre-recorded video take to produce? Your customised video will be created by our musician in 7 to 20 days. 5. Where will the programme be shot? В If you'd like, your show can be set up with a green screen in the musician's studio. Alternatively, he can film a pre-recorded programme using a drone and a 16:9 4K camera in a public area or another particular site of your choosing. В 6. What kinds of songs will the performer play? Ambient, chill-out, electro jazz, world music, house, techno, or a combination of genres can all be heard in the music. Is the programme interactive? Yes, during a live stream, our musician will be able to accept requests from the audience with the aid of his technological aide. В 8. In what language is he going to perform? Our musician is bilingual and can play in French, English, or Spanish.

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