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the breathtaking Titan the robot is the pinnacle of product launch entertainment and is employed by event organisations worldwide to provide something truly unique to any corporate party, outdoor event, or other special occasion. At festivals, trade exhibitions, shopping malls, not to mention Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Christmas events, this walk-around robot is consistently highly well-liked. This mobile entertainment is intriguing, distinctive, and different from anything most people have ever encountered.
Titan The Robot is a well-known global brand of family entertainment. Both kids and adults like his comedic antics and practical jokes. Only pre-recorded audio clips—including well-known quotes from movies and television—are used by our mobile robot to communicate. It also plays brief musical excerpts. Almost any language can be used to translate his speech to fit your audience. He jokes about with the crowd, really engages them, and pulls off some cheeky little stunts like sneezing water at them.
This walking robot is a great wandering attraction for business events and product launches. As you can see in the images above, he can customise his routine and affix company or brand labels to himself. A surefire crowd-puller, particularly effective at attracting attention at trade show product launches. ӬӬ Titan The Robot has thrilled audiences all around the world with his distinctive fusion of humour, street theatre, and music.
The walkaround robot has made guest appearances on television programmes like Big Brother, Daybreak, Later With Jools Holland, and The Gadget Show, as well as at a number of important events like the Grand Prix, the Sochi Winter Olympics, and the UK premiere of iRobot and Real Steel. Titan The Robot has travelled the world and made appearances in nations like the United States, United States, China, Vietnam, and Thailand. He has also collaborated with celebrities like Rihanna, Will Smith, and Jackie Chan. ӬӬ
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