Book Vertical Fashion Show

Book Vertical Fashion Show

Book Vertical Fashion Show

This aerial act provides a distinctive and eye-catching approach to sell goods, promote companies, and convey company messages, guaranteeing that your business is in the limelight.
Specially trained dancers present a flawlessly coordinated display of vertical acrobatics on the facade of practically any structure by turning the catwalk 90 degrees. Six dancers and models perform on the highest platform you and your guests will have ever seen while wearing a variety of custom-made garments against a backdrop of your choice, such as a particular pattern, logo, message, or set of colours.
The audience has the chance to fly through the air and show off their vertical skills in between performances! This performance ensures a fantastic spectacle, unforgettable moments, and a stiff neck, elevating your event to new heights of success!
Allow your upcoming event to soar and discover more about our Site Specific and Building Walkers.
Contact our entertainment specialists right away to reserve our Vertical Fashion Show or to request more information.

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