Book Virtual Art Attack Event Experience

Book Virtual Art Attack Event Experience

Book Virtual Art Attack Event Experience

What should I anticipate from this virtual experience? An interactive online event is being held here using Zoom (although other video conferencing platforms will also be considered). Our live-streamed emcee will greet attendees and provide them with an overview of the event before introducing our renowned, high-speed performance artist for a frantic pre-recorded speed painting designed especially for your event! During the event's virtual quiz, participants can enter to win this amazing work of art. В After the amazing speed-painting display, the live host returns for a fun art-based quiz that depends less on the audience's familiarity with the art and more on their deductive skills. A fun image round, video clip round, trivia round, and longer games like the Tableau Challenge, where participants dress up and recreate a well-known painting, can all be found in our quiz. Can you tailor this experience for you? Absolutely! In particular, the event's speed-painting portion was made especially for you. This implies that we can add various themes, colours, or logos into the painting quite quickly, and that you can even select the topic of the picture in advance. 3. How lengthy is this experience of a virtual event? Depending on your event's requirements and timetable, this virtual experience lasts 45 to 60 minutes and includes a custom 5- to 10-minute speed painting film.

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