Book Virtual K-Pop Workshop

Book Virtual K-Pop Workshop

Book Virtual K-Pop Workshop

How does it operate? For usage at your online event, this experience is often offered as a personalised pre-recorded video. For your online guests to follow, our K-Pop dancers typically offer a step-by-step dance instruction. This is a terrific method to keep people actively participating in the event. This can be created with a single dancer or a small group of dancers, with one leading the class and the other members participating in the demonstration, depending on the needs of the event. In addition, if you'd prefer, our performers can do a brief, pre-recorded dance performance to serve as an energetic interlude to your online event. Whatever option you select for your event, these videos are shot with a minimum of two cameras in a professional dance studio to produce dynamic shots. 2. What is required of guests to participate? All visitors will need is a reliable internet connection, a gadget to watch the performance on, and, if they plan to participate in the tutorial, a location to dance in! 3. How long are the sessions each? This can be customised for any occasion, but we advise allowing up to 30 minutes for a thorough dance tutorial and plenty of time for guests to learn the routine.

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