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How does it operate? This is a live broadcast over Zoom or another video conferencing service. A variety of comedy, illusions, and interactive magic are used in the presentation to keep spectators interested in the virtual performance. 2. How long are the sessions each? Depending on the needs of your event, our virtual magician offers either a 30-minute or a 45-minute session. 3. How many participants are allowed? The show needs a minimum of 4 visitors in order to function properly and guarantee plenty of interaction. Your video conferencing platform entirely determines how many participants are allowed. This performance is great for small audiences, but it has also been seen by more than 5000 people at the Dreamer Festival! 4. Do guests require anything to be able to participate? To participate in the programme, all a guest needs is a reliable internet connection, a device to watch it on, and a functional web camera and microphone. Depending on the workshop's subject matter, attendees may need some extra props to utilise, so if you're more interested in organising a workshop, we can advise you with the quotation. To participate in the workshop, visitors must have a pack of cards at the very least. How interactive is this? Definitely! Our Virtual Magician solicits volunteers to take part in various tricks throughout the performance. Every trick requires at least 1-2 guests. 6. Is this experience customizable? Our Virtual Magician provides a variety of customizations and is constantly open to fresh suggestions! So far he has personalised presentations to include commercial branding and customised workshops to include teaching visitors a particular trick

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