Book Virtual Online Gin Tasting

Book Virtual Online Gin Tasting

Book Virtual Online Gin Tasting

How does it operate? This is normally provided as a live-streamed, online tasting experience hosted by Zoom or another video conferencing platform. However, if a pre-recorded film would better fit your event, our host can make one. Before beginning the tasting, the live-streamed masterclass begins with an introduction from the host and a brief history of the fascinating beginnings of gin. Each tasting workshop is an exciting exploration of the odd and wonderful flavours that are offered, and it may include gins that have been infused with seaweed, ones that are delightfully flavoured with raspberries, rhubarb, and ginger, and even ones that are entertainingly flavoured with apples and salted caramel. 2. How long do the sessions last? Sessions typically take 45 minutes to an hour, however if necessary, this can be changed for particular events. 3. How many participants are allowed? There is no minimum or maximum number of participants; instead, it will mostly rely on the video conferencing software you choose. Larger group sizes will, however, limit the amount of contact with the host that is possible. 4. Are there any requirements for participants? The gins for sampling, a device to watch the live video on, and a reliable internet connection are all necessities for guests. Each participant will receive a complete sampling kit before your event, along with an intriguing selection of gins and mixers. They will then only require a glass and ice. How interactive is this? Absolutely! In order to encourage participation and question-asking from viewers, our host incorporates Q&A sessions into the live stream at key moments.

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