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Book Virtual Reality Live Painting

Book Virtual Reality Live Painting

By bringing incredible 3D art to life with her brand-new live painting experience, our outstanding United States speed painter is erasing the distinction between vision and reality. The fusion of art and technology provides immersive entertainment unlike anything else.
The virtual reality live painting experience is very much at the forefront of cutting edge entertainment thanks to cutting edge new technology. The speed painter produces stunning 3D paintings right before your eyes while wearing her VR Vive headset. Guests witness as amazing 3D art skylines, beaches, scenery, animals, and many other spectacular creations are formed all around them, seemingly out of thin air, while being connected to a projector screen so they can monitor her progress.
Visitors who are wearing VR headsets and genuinely immersing themselves in the virtual 3D art creations are then able to fully enjoy the virtual reality live painting. The last few minutes of the first video up top show this. Visitors have the option of viewing the painting in live virtual reality using their own smartphones and cardboard headgear that they may put together themselves.
The speed painter specialises in producing works of art quickly and with significant effect. The 3D art she can produce for you is highly adaptable, and she is more than capable of incorporating logos and text into the live painting, making it ideal for brand or product launches. This cutting edge entertainment is a wonderful complement to many different event kinds and will undoubtedly keep your attendees sufficiently enthralled. The live painting is a fantastic option if you want to give your guests a taste of virtual reality or something more elaborate.
Get in touch with our team at Bella Entertainment if you're seeking for creative and cutting-edge entertainment for a gathering or product launch.
A Pro Tip
Any topic you can think of can be included into a world made specifically for virtual reality by our live painter. For an illustration of a digital winter paradise she made with a Christmas theme, see the video up top.

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