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Book Virtual Sound Bath

FAQs1. What may the visitors anticipate from the session? A brief explanation of what a sound bath/sound meditation is comes first in the session. You will start with breathwork after the explanation, during which he will continue to give context for how to approach the experience to get the most out of it. After that, guests will enter the sound segment, which lasts for 33–35 minutes. The session ends after three to five minutes, which aids the participants in getting ready for their subsequent task. How many minutes is the session? Although the session lasts for 45 minutes on average, our expert is happy to talk about and tailor session lengths for you. If necessary, he is willing to extend the session up to 90 minutes.3. Can you customise the session? It can be tailored by changing the duration, adding more breathwork, including talks and/or questions and answers following, and include any specific aims and themes your business company may have.4. Can the session be pre-recorded? Yes, a sound bath can be pre-recorded by our specialist for you. It should take around. Depending on any customization components, it can take a week to finish. The session will be participatory, right? The experience is often non-interactive in order to preserve the flow of sound therapy and breathing exercises. However, if your suggestions for interaction work well with the session design, our sound expert will be pleased to use them6. Has the sound professional conducted several virtual sessions? Our sound specialist is extremely experienced in virtual sessions and leads them on a daily basis for groups of between 15 and 1000 people. He has had very great customer feedback from major companies like Google, Nike, Amazon, and many others. Many workers have informed their HR departments that they had a pleasant experience and discovered that it was helpful for reducing stress. Which platform will be used for the session? The most popular platform for this session is Zoom. Are there any requirements for participants? Participants will require a comfortable spot to sit or lie down, a blanket, and, if they have one, an eye mask.

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