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Book Virtual Terrarium Workshop

Book Virtual Terrarium Workshop

Online FAQs 1. What occurs in a class with a virtual terrarium? Online visitors will examine terrariums in greater detail and get a brief overview of their 200-year history. The guests will then be given a thorough explanation of all the supplies, substrates, plants, and tools by our green-fingered guru. Then, internet visitors can build their own terrariums in a glass candy jar or apothecary jar by following our host's step-by-step directions in real-time. Our host will conclude the workshop with her top maintenance advice after everyone has done building their mini-ecosystem.2. What is covered in the online workshop on terrariums? a virtual workshop that is live-streamed and hosted via Jitsi or Zoom. A candy jar or apothecary jar, plants, gravel, decorative stones, tools, and specific plant soil are all posted to participants in advance. A strong internet connection and a laptop, PC, or tablet with a built-in camera or webcam are requirements for participation. Who may participate, and how many? Due to the fact that the terrarium kits—which are necessary for the workshop—can only be shipped to German addresses, this online workshop is only open to residents of Germany. There are a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 30 in each online class. The Virtual Terrarium Class lasts how long? Approx. 1.5 hours5. In what ways is this online workshop interactive? Very! As they build their mini-garden in a glass, visitors can speak with one another and ask our host questions in real time.6. Are the terrarium kit customizations possible? Before shipping, it could be possible to put stickers with the client's logo to each glass jar for an additional fee. Ask away, please.

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