Book Virtual Zoom Latin Dance Workshop

Book Virtual Zoom Latin Dance Workshop

Book Virtual Zoom Latin Dance Workshop

What might I expect from this online Latin dance workshop, question 1? Our expert dancer will show each step and offer helpful pointers and advice in real-time during this live-streamed event, which is often presented over Zoom. An opening video featuring Latin dance from throughout the world kicks off the 60-minute session to get everyone warmed up for the lesson. Following a quick introduction by the host, participants will start with a simple warm-up to some popular Latin music before moving right into some of the most important Latin steps, which are broken down into simple actions. As the class go along, the host will offer comments to make sure everyone is having fun and understanding the material. You will be constructing a routine consisting of traditional dance moves during the course that you will perform as a whole at the end of the session. This is interactive, right? Absolutely! Each visitor actively participates in learning each step, and the host is able to offer feedback at various points in the session. Additionally, attendees of the programme are urged to ask questions as the lesson develops. В 3. What requirements must guests meet to take part? All that is required of visitors is a webcam and microphone-equipped equipment, a dependable internet connection, some space to move around in, comfortable clothing, and stable shoes so they can observe the lesson. 4. How many people can enrol in this course? Your video conferencing system plays a big role in this, and our host is capable of instructing up to 300 participants. However, we advise a maximum of 50 people at any given time to allow for the most amount of contact. В What is the workshop's duration? This session typically lasts for 60 minutes, but if necessary, it can be modified to fit your event's schedule.

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