Book Walk Around Royal Footmen | UK

Book Walk Around Royal Footmen | UK

Book Walk Around Royal Footmen | UK

The visitors at your event will be delighted by this superb interactive act, which will work as the ideal icebreaker as they mingle with the audience. These royal footmen are dressed in vivid red costumes with the traditional early Georgian style of white wigs and painted faces, adding added class to any event.
They are sure to amuse with their verbal wit and talent for physical humour as they gallantly walk around your event in their nice clothing, displaying their exquisite manners and polite pronunciation. They are sure to make your gathering a special occasion because they are skilled in the art of mime and improvisation.
These witty royal servants are not to be missed, with up to 10 lavishly attired footmen available to perform at any event, along with both a show and their walkabout routine.
Top Tip: Our Royal Footmen can do a set of live opera for more impact and sure chuckles. Watch the video above to hear their voice abilities.
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