Book Walkabout Neon Pop Art Duo

Book Walkabout Neon Pop Art Duo

Book Walkabout Neon Pop Art Duo

The amazing walkabout neon is excellent Pop Art Duo is a participatory, one-of-a-kind act that creates an amazing experience. The magnificent walkabout characters are like moving works of art that awe spectators as they pass by while providing engaging interactive entertainment and memorable photo opportunities.
The brilliant, eye-catching fluorescent costumes worn by the visually captivating walkabout neon Pop Art couple are inspired by the classic and well-known works of American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. Clever lighting strips incorporated into the umbrellas of the Pop Art couple illuminate the vivid neon garments. The more subdued the lighting, the more this makes the exquisite outfits shine out in any setting. You can be sure that our mobile neon pop art duo will steal the show at your event since they draw attention everywhere they go.
The fantastic walkabout characters were developed by two highly skilled entertainers located in Australia and are available for events all over the world. The Pop Art team will be a hit at any occasion, from weddings and private parties to corporate events and festivals. To use when they frolic and pose for pictures, you may even have personalised speech bubbles in the style of a comic book with any message of your choice.
Super Tip
You can hire these walkabout entertainers and their assortment of intriguing costumes for any occasion.
Which are:
Walking artistic figures
The Baroque era Walking Duo
Characters from a Salvador Dali clock
Cloud Roaming Couple
Don't hesitate to contact our entertainment specialists who will be more than delighted to help you book this living art couple if you're wanting to hire visually stunning interactive entertainment from fascinating walkabout characters that is suited for all types of occasions whether indoors or out.

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