Bouncing Kangaroos

Bouncing Kangaroos

Bouncing Kangaroos

Our amazing kangaroo stilt walkers are the ideal addition to a variety of events, adding fun and excitement that both young and old can enjoy. They are sure to make a big impression at your event. These animated roaming creatures are captivating and sure to entertain as they engage with your guests, mingle and cause much laughter with their cheeky outback humour. These roving entertainers, who are dressed in Australian attire, provide incredibly memorable walkabout entertainment. They are a spectacular sight and are sure to spark conversation among guests at your special event.
These comical kangaroos will stand out as they navigate the throng on their bouncy stilts, leaping up to 1 metre in the air and spanning distances of 6 feet in a single bound! Our visually arresting experienced roving performers will customise their performance to precisely fit your needs, ensuring that everyone will have a wonderful time during your celebrations.
These adorable roaming characters are sure to create a ruckus everywhere they go, grabbing the attention of guests of all ages with their funny act and bringing humour and excitement in spades to your big occasion. These humorous animals, which are not your typical timid bush kangaroos, are a wonderful blend of over-the-top macho and urban sass, providing plenty of laugh-out-loud moments at your event as they bounce around in their shades and helmets.
Our talented artists are certain to make your event one to remember. They are skilled stilt walkers that totally commit to character and give an excellent performance every time. These Aussie-themed performers are available to hire for events in Bristol and around the UK, and are perfect for festivals, parades, private parties, themed events, product launches, corporate events, and more.
Bella Entertainment, the top provider of event entertainment in the globe, offers unforgettable acts and services for both private and corporate events of every theme, scale, and price range. We have something for every occasion. Contact our coordinators today to learn more about booking incredible performances for your event from the world's leading experts in walkabout entertainment.

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