Break The Lock Uk

Break The Lock Uk

Break The Lock Uk

Invite your visitors to participate in a thrilling timed team challenge! Break the Lock UK is advertised as a unique team-building activity and the best option for an unforgettable team incentive trip. The ideal indoor team-building activity is provided by our unique team activities. Teams will only have metal boxes to use while trying to decipher the code in a video message, but there's a catch: they're all locked. As a unique team-building activity for your team incentive trip, we provide Break The Lock UK. Teams must cooperate to decipher the codes and open the locks in a set amount of time. Once inside the boxes, additional special difficulties lie ahead, along with secrets and codes. Teams must select who is the best individual to complete each activity in the quickest amount of time in order to beat the box before time runs out in these specially created tasks that tap into a variety of abilities and knowledge. Can your team locate the resources it needs to finish the challenges? Teams realise they need to work together as they progress through the second set of challenges in order to complete all four boxes and share their results in order to move ahead. Using the scanner discovered in earlier boxes, they are able to decode the final QR code and open the final box. The ideal indoor team-building activity for your party is provided by our specially designed team activities, which were naturally created to aid in the promotion of team-working abilities like problem-solving and networking. A unique interactive entertainment experience in the UK will be provided through a creative, competitive, and team-oriented team challenge! Practice Pointers 12 minimum required 200 maximum people From one to two hours long Indoor activity Traveling freely within the UK and having the opportunity to collaborate across functional lines networking for problem solving For more information on hiring Break The Lock UK for your corporate team outing or private event, get in touch with Bella Entertainment & Events right away.

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