Breakdance Video Mapping

Breakdance Video Mapping

Breakdance Video Mapping

With this breathtaking Breakdance Video Mapping show, which combines the most cutting-edge video mapping technology with jaw-dropping breakdance moves, you may astound spectators at your future event or major celebration.
This one-of-a-kind video mapping presentation, which is presented by a three-time breakdance world champion, is a remarkable fusion of modern mapping technology and urban dancing. Our projection mapping experts and video mapping breakdancer, who are adored by audiences of all kinds, have earned the trust of major corporations like Samsung, Audi, and Deutsche Bank, among others.
This projection mapping dancer "swallowed" by a tube that takes him to the future where he starts interacting with projected animations, immerses spectators in a new digital realm. The high-energy breakdance routines in this expertly planned projection mapping dancing performance are timed to the music and the projections.
As our video mapping breakdancer performs in perfect unison with his own clone, spectators can explore the limits of artificial intelligence through this performance. Additionally, our performer will visit distant planets, galaxies, and perhaps a future metropolis while travelling across space!
A portion of this video mapping and breakdance performance can be customised, making it an extremely dynamic and aesthetically amazing spectacle. This performance is appropriate for promotional occasions as well as the launching of new products and brands because our projection mapping dance professionals can add logos or any other brand image. This stunning combination of bobbing and technology is a favourite choice for galas, dinners, after-dinner experiences, ceremonies, festivals, and many other events. It is the ideal video mapping display!
For events and occasions in Paris, France and throughout the world, Bella Entertainment offers a wide selection of projection mapping dance displays.

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