Chinese Roaming Acts

Chinese Roaming Acts

Chinese Roaming Acts

By hiring these wonderful Chinese Roaming Acts, you can add a genuine touch of China to your event. Chinese walkabout characters and entertainers will deliver exciting, engaging acts that will leave audiences with lifelong memories and spark conversation for years to come.
Your celebration will be infused with colour and vigour when Chinese walkabout characters like lions and dragons appear. The gang of actors will roam your venue in these enormous and ornate costumes, mingling with guests and urging them to "feed" them.
Our lions and dragons may join any procession or spice up any celebration with their traditional dances when accompanied by other artists like dancers or drummers. Additionally, they provide a wonderful photo opportunity and are amenable to both children and adults petting them and posing for photos with everyone.
Our Chinese walkabout characters frequently appear as special guests at other artists' or musical ensembles' performances, always happy to share the stage with other performers. As seen in the photos up above, our traditional Chinese performers gave a performance of the dragon dance in the Walt Disney Concert Hall during a performance by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.
This incredibly genuine trio also delighted crowds at a number of fairs and family gatherings, and had the honour of sharing the stage with another outstanding performer and admirer of oriental cultures, Gwen Stefani!
This group of traditional Chinese entertainers will share a piece of the cultural heritage with your event guests and bring luck and prosperity to all! This is the ideal Chinese walkabout entertainment for theme parks, shopping malls, street celebrations, Chinese New Year parties, festivals, and many more!
A Pro Tip
Our traditional Chinese performers also provide an authentic Chinese show, an eye-popping display of colour, dancing, and inconceivable martial arts manoeuvres and figures!
Traditional Chinese entertainers are available from Bella Entertainment for parties and occasions in Los Angeles, the US, and across the world.
Contact us right away and submit an inquiry if these breathtaking Chinese roaming acts are what you had in mind for your upcoming event or celebration. Our hardworking staff of entertainment coordinators will be more than delighted to provide you additional information about these Chinese walkabout characters and help you make a reservation.

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