Contact Juggler and Fire Artist – Circus Performer | Bristol

Contact Juggler and Fire Artist – Circus Performer | Bristol

Contact Juggler and Fire Artist – Circus Performer | Bristol

This adaptable circus performer from Bristol combines fire artistry, contact juggling, and acrobatics to provide an entertaining show that the whole family will love! В
Our talented circus artist received her training at Circomedia and The National Centre for Circus Arts, two of the UK's top circus schools. This circus act is a master contact and knife juggler, hand stand artist, and fire dancer with a wide range of high level abilities that can be combined to produce an amazing show. Additionally, he is a wonderful comic who combines verbal and physical humour in his performances. Because of his devotion to his main artistic medium of crystal contact juggling, he has been able to create some truly original stunts that are performed nowhere else. В
Despite being located in the UK, he has years of experience playing for audiences around the world. He has performance expertise in walkabout, cabaret, indoor and outdoor theatre, as well as corporate performances. He can modify his performances to include any mix of circus abilities, be of any duration, and be appropriate for any setting and target audience. В
As he recruits interested volunteers to test contact juggling for themselves or fearlessly take part in one of his stunts, our fire performer and contact juggler's shows can also include audience participation! Are you strong enough to let him walk over you while doing a handstand while holding a flaming stick in his teeth? These engaging performances usually make people happy and give audience members something to talk about with their friends. В
There is never a quiet moment in his action-packed presentations, which are utterly riveting and thrilling to see. This is the ideal option for your upcoming event and is suitable for corporate dinners, weddings, public events, street performances, and much more. В
Get in touch with our knowledgeable Entertainment Coordinators, who will be pleased to assist you, if you would like to learn more about hiring our Bristol-based Contact Juggler and Fire Artist to perform at your upcoming event.

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