Custom Sand Art – Book Personal Sand Animation |

Custom Sand Art – Book Personal Sand Animation |

Custom Sand Art – Book Personal Sand Animation |

Our Custom Sand Art is a one-of-a-kind service that offers you a captivating film made specifically to your requirements and under your direction. They make a delightful present or screening at any event and are totally original.
An artist from Russia who creates our custom sand art will make an animation of your very own sand art that may be viewed by guests at your event. She tells a story using sand animation while producing amazing visuals that change and meld together thanks to her outstanding skills as a sand artist. This kind of sand art is completely mesmerising because to its fluidity. As soon as she finishes one scenario, she begins seamlessly blending it into the next. В
The customer must supply the custom sand art animation with a storyline, music selection, and a few photographs in order for it to be created to their exact specifications. The sand artist uses a little bit of imagination to recreate images while documenting the entire process on camera. She cuts all the video to the required time or to the length of the song. You will receive the final edit from our sand artist to use as you see fit. В
Sand animations depicting scenes spanning the couple's entire life together to date, including significant milestones in their relationship, have become highly popular with couples all around the world. It is the ideal opportunity to capture a memory of your special day and a magical approach to tell a love story. We advise using handmade wedding sand art to provide your guests a unique visual experience on your special day.
Along with weddings, birthdays, a life celebration at a funeral, and both sand drawing and animation for music videos have all been booked for the unique sand art animation.
Please get in touch with our team at Bella Entertainment to learn more about scheduling an unique sand animation or personalised wedding sand art for your big day.

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