Delight Circus Parade

Delight Circus Parade

Delight Circus Parade

Roll up, roll up, our Delight Circus Parade is a one-of-a-kind travelling circus spectacular that performs at festivals all around the world.
This circus parade utilises walkabout characters to create a true travelling carnival. It has seven characters. A crazy ringmaster who leads the Delight Circus Parade draws in spectators from a distance with his colourful demeanour and amazing attire, which would not be complete without his top hat. Our ringmaster's purple jacket is covered with gold sequins, and the contrast between the two is stunning to onlookers. В
Everybody at your event, both young and old, will enjoy our Delight Circus Parade on many levels. Because of the way that circus performers, on-the-ground dancers, and stilt walkers are set up, everyone attending your event may participate in the action. В В
Along with toy soldiers who hula hoop with the travelling carnival, two entertaining walkabout characters costumed as big top circus tents also parade in the Delight Circus Parade.
A pair of stilt walking clowns, one on bouncy stilts and the other spinning poi, juggling, and making balloon models for bystanders, are also attracting spectators who follow this travelling circus. Our eccentric clown won't let you down. A travelling carnival wouldn't be complete without one. В
This travelling circus may take spectators to their new location where, if that's what your event requires, they can put on a magnificent stage performance. Available in a variety of line-ups.
No matter where you are in the world, you can book our Delight Circus Parade. Bella entertainment provides a selection of parades and performances that are excellent for a variety of family-friendly events across the world. This travelling circus is perfect for festivals, malls, and other events for children. В В
Please get in touch with a member of the Bella Entertainment staff if you'd need assistance scheduling our roaming circus performance.

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