Digital Caricature Artist UK | Exhibition Stand iPad Caricaturist UK Uk

Digital Caricature Artist UK | Exhibition Stand iPad Caricaturist UK  Uk

Digital Caricature Artist UK | Exhibition Stand iPad Caricaturist UK Uk

One of the top full-time professional caricaturists in the UK with a background from Cambridge's art school is our Digital Caricature Artist UK. Whatever the event, she entertains with uniqueness, charisma, and flair. Her exceptional talent will astound and please your guests at business events, wedding receptions, award ceremonies, balls, conferences, exhibitions, promotions, banquets, and parties.
She takes pride in delivering a fun and original method to attract attendees to your booth at conferences and exhibitions or amuse your guests at cocktail receptions and after-dinner entertainment.
В The audience can see as her digital caricatures are created since they are shown onto a giant screen. Each caricature will feature your company logo and any necessary content and is produced on clean, high-quality postcard-sized prints that are easy for the visitors to carry.
The visitors' email addresses are recorded so you can email their caricatures to them the next day along with a message from your firm, opening a cordial channel for potential business relations. There are two options available: head and shoulders and with pre-made themed backgrounds.
She is a very well-known and very skilled digital caricaturist who has been performing since 2003. She will astound audiences with her quickness and endearing designs. Any drawing-enabled tablet or device, such as the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, Samsung Galaxy Note mobile, Tablet PC (for themed caricatures), Cintiq, etc., can be used to create the digital caricatures.
classic black-and-white pen and ink for walking
Walkabout guests can receive an immediate live Dropbox link in colour or mono.
digital display in colour or mono, with postcard-sized printouts. A audience is entertained by a live art performance you can see on the screen!
All options allow for the inclusion of logo branding.
She has experience working with a number of prestigious computer manufacturers, including Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, HP, Alienware, Panasonic, and Dell.
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