Experience a Virtual Bartender Workshop Las Vegas

Experience a Virtual Bartender Workshop Las Vegas

Experience a Virtual Bartender Workshop Las Vegas

What will the workshop cover, first? Join our flair bartender at his "Zoom" bar to pick up professional mixology skills you can use at home. He will walk your guests through the steps of making a few straightforward cocktails—you may choose which ones—while also throwing in a few of his favourite bar tricks to keep everyone entertained. How much time will the workshop last? The process of creating a drink will take about 30 minutes. Depending on your needs, this can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. 3. Can the workshop be modified? If desired, customization options are available, including theming his bar area and dressing in colours that complement your business. Additionally, he can write a special greeting to be played at the start or finish of the live broadcast or pre-recorded video, only for your guests. To provide a more distinctive touch, he can also add a logo. 4. Will this be a live, interactive show? In order to make the workshop run well, our mixologist will incorporate an interactive element into the performance by, for example, responding to any questions your visitors may have that his technician will read out. 5. Can I watch the show live or on demand? The programme can be streamed live or recorded in advance. You are in charge! 6. How long will it take to produce the pre-recorded video? It will take at least 3 days for our virtual flair bartender to finish the film. Depending on how much customization is needed, this could be more. 7. What tools will the visitors require for the workshop? Yes, if your guests want to participate, a basic list of ingredients will be emailed to them prior to the event so they can go out and get it.

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