Fanfare Trumpeters

Fanfare Trumpeters

Fanfare Trumpeters

As they give a wonderful, visually stunning performance and a massive sound, our fanfare trumpeters are guaranteed to add excitement and distinction to your special occasion. They instantly grab attention and make a significant effect.
Our trumpeters are skilled professional brass players with a wealth of expertise. They can play a variety of fanfares of varied lengths to fit your occasion, adding class and refinement to your event and successfully highlighting its key moments to make it memorable and more appealing.
Our fanfare trumpeters provide captivating musical entertainment that will easily enhance your event and make it stand out above the competition. They perform while dressed in classic bearskins and Bella tailcoats. Our brass players can also provide outstanding corporate entertainment for product launches, awards ceremonies, gala dinners, and other events. They are perfect for weddings, sporting events, graduations, red carpet events, and themed occasions.
Best Practice: We offer several line ups of our brass musicians to meet your needs. They can play as a fanfare with 2–9 musicians, a brass band with 3-5 musicians, a guard of honour, or a marching band with 16 musicians, in addition to fanfares. Depending on your needs, our brass ensemble can dress in imitation guard uniforms with real bearskins, Bella tailcoats, mediaeval costumes, or dinner jackets. We can even create a custom banner with your logo placed on the trumpets. To learn more, get in touch with our entertainment coordinators.

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