Fire Concept Show | LED Juggling Show | Fire Dance Show

Fire Concept Show | LED Juggling Show  | Fire Dance Show

Fire Concept Show | LED Juggling Show | Fire Dance Show

Since 2009, this skilled and seasoned Italian theatre trio has delighted audiences of all ages around Europe. This company offers exciting, high-octane shows that will really wow visitors. Its members are some of Italy's top performers, and they each have a variety of backgrounds in theatre, dance, martial arts, and set design. Whether you're searching for an LED glow show or a fire dance performance, both come with live music and unquestionably beautiful visuals!
They provide a variety of presentations that may be modified and personalised to meet the needs of your particular occasion. They can produce something truly unique for your event, ranging from brief, high-impact performances to extended shows that convey a story.
Fascinated spectators will watch as masked bodies emerge from the shadows dancing to ethereal tunes. As the show goes on, several color-changing lights start to shine, chasing and fusing with one another to produce a mesmerising display of beautiful designs. The presentation uses a variety of props, including as poi, balls, and juggling clubs. Audiences will be taken to a timeless setting that is suspended between the past and the future by this captivating and immersive show. The performance can be customised to your specifications and is appropriate for a wide range of occasions, including festivals, theatres, corporate events, opening and closing ceremonies, street festivals, private parties, and much more.
Get ready for seductive dances, breathtaking sword fights, astounding acrobatics, and astonishing fire juggling and swallowing! Using hand candles, fire chains, blazing staffs and sticks, and a variety of other items, two or more artists will wow spectators with this unique and stunning performance. For Celtic and medieval-themed events, such as fantasy and historical festivals, performers can show up costumed in appropriate clothes.
In addition to performing fire acrobatics, their fire performance can also be a comedy featuring two characters arguing as they attempt to reach their stranded aircraft.
This performing group is certain to light up your event, whether with fire or LED, since they have a wealth of experience in producing original and thrilling displays.

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