Flying Piano Show – Book Creative Aerial Performance SWITZERLAND

Flying Piano Show – Book Creative Aerial Performance SWITZERLAND

Flying Piano Show – Book Creative Aerial Performance SWITZERLAND

Bring an entertaining aerial act to your event that is sure to capture attendees right away. A talented aerial performer that blends grace, amazing artistry, and faultless technique on stage will bring this Flying Piano Show to your venue.
Her presentation will swiftly transition into a creative aerial performance that is full of grace, beauty, and strength after beginning with an initially unremarkable ground dance that blends contortionism and dancing. Visitors to your theatre or venue will be delighted when this talented female aerialist begins to "play" the piano over their heads.
This Flying Piano Show, which emphasises elegance and dexterity, includes stunning creative outfits, tidy motions, and intricate acrobatic manoeuvres. Our talented female aerialist may customise her act to fit the needs of your event or special occasion by dancing to the music of your choice or coming up with choreography that goes along with the theme of your celebration.
She has already received the trust of renowned international organisations like Cirque du Soleil to perform at some of their events alongside some of their performers, and she has enthralled audiences with her aerial act at events like the Womanity Foundation Gala and the Audi Auto Expo, among others. Additionally, she has had the chance to play in other nations and locations around the globe, including Monaco, Macau, Kuwait, and United States.
This outstanding aerial artist will deliver a distinctive, original, and creative aerial performance that will ensure your event is remembered for a very long time, whether you're hosting an award ceremony, corporate event, private party, or exhibition.
Aerial acts come in a wide range from Bella Entertainment for occasions and events all over the world.
If this breathtaking Flying Piano Show is the act you have been searching for, don't wait any longer and submit your inquiry with our in-house staff of specialists immediately. Your inquiries will be fully addressed by our amazing staff, who will also walk you through the reservation process.

Book now or send your inquiry via email or WhatsApp: +971 50 541 7318.


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