Giant Dolls and Drumming Parade – Book Musical Parade | France

Giant Dolls and Drumming Parade – Book Musical Parade | France

Giant Dolls and Drumming Parade – Book Musical Parade | France

For a visually stunning walkabout show that will grab your guests' attention, reserve the amazing Giant Dolls and Drumming Parade. While the sounds of the drumming parade draw attention, the enormous dolls leave onlookers speechless at their splendour. В
The contagious beats and amusing antics of our Comedy Roaming Drummers from France are featured in this musical procession. These colourful percussionists perform a really engaging drum procession while dressed in tin soldier-inspired costumes. They enjoy interacting with audience members during performances, making jokes, and generally getting into mischief. В
Three distinctive huge dolls are also included in the walkabout performance. With sound emanating from within their clothes, the stunning divas erupt into an operatic song. The enormous dolls come in a variety of gorgeous, vibrant Victorian-style clothing. The fact that these costumes are balanced on several wheels gives the appearance that the opera diva are floating. В The huge dolls' costumes are fitted with illumination during nighttime performances so that they may be seen clearly as they move about.
The Enormous Dolls and Drumming Parade is an exhilarating walkabout performance that is ideal for outdoor events where the giant dolls can roam freely. As a musical parade, it is ideal for providing some lighthearted entertainment that can move around.
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