Happy Holidays Christmas Virtual Quiz

Happy Holidays Christmas Virtual Quiz

Happy Holidays Christmas Virtual Quiz

How does it operate? Using Zoo, this encounter is being live-streamed. Your quiz host will greet visitors as they enter the virtual environment and take them on a joyful holiday adventure. Use the breakout rooms feature of the Zoom platform to decide whether you want to play alone or in groups. Through our online quiz platform, visitors can use a computer, tablet, or smartphone to submit their answers. There is no need to download this game because it is browser-based. Our primary rounds are our Winter Warmer music, Happy Holidays film, and Seasonal Scenes picture round. Quiz rounds can be customised depending on the length of the game. 2. How long are the sessions each? Each virtual test has a time limit of 60 minutes, though sessions can be extended or contracted as needed. 3. Are there any requirements for participants? Guests will require a reliable internet connection and a device to observe the host on in order to participate. All participants or team leaders will need to have our custom quiz open on a different device, such as a mobile or tablet, in order to submit answers. Your quizmaster will provide instructions on how to play at the beginning of your event. 4. Can this online test be customised?  Absolutely! For audiences that are adults or families, questions can be modified. Both the quiz platform and the game graphics can include your logo and/or branding. Depending on how long the games go, we may advise you on how many questions and what format will be most effective for your audience. As an additional possibility, you can incorporate themed rounds of your choice.

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