Headless Men And Women – Hire Walkabout Characters Germany

Headless Men And Women – Hire Walkabout Characters Germany

Headless Men And Women – Hire Walkabout Characters Germany

Numerous ancient cultures have told tales of horsemen with no heads. We have always been fascinated by it, and these magnificent walkabout figures never fail to astound audiences. They are based in Berlin, Germany, and have wowed crowds at events all over the world.
The headless men and women are a bit taller than the ordinary person, which distinguishes them from the rest. They may also come with umbrellas as accessories, which draws even more attention to them. The headless men arrive dressed in sophisticated business clothing. accompanied with a briefcase. The headless women are elegantly attired in faux fur long coats with leopard print patterns and designer handbags.
This walkabout performance is ideal for interacting and entertaining groups. They spend the most of their time shaking hands with people, attempting to dance, immersing themselves in their surroundings, and much more because they invariably turn into a photo opportunity wherever they go. The headless men and women will create a lasting impact on your guests because they offer just as much for adults as they do for small children.
This fantastic walkabout act is available for a range of events, including private parties, street festivals, corporate events, launch parties, and more. The headless men may be used practically anywhere, while the headless women are perfect for fashion shows.
The headless men and women are the ideal choice if you're looking for walkabout characters that will draw attention.
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