Helicopter And Wine Experience

Helicopter And Wine Experience

Helicopter And Wine Experience

Fly to Montalcino, one of Italy's most renowned wine regions, across the picturesque Bracciano Lake and the gently sloping Tuscan hills. The ultimate VIP experience is ideal for both business visits and relaxed days out and includes a helicopter flight, sightseeing, wine tasting, vineyard tour, and five-course lunch.
A VIP experience that can accommodate up to three guests for the smallest helicopter flight and up to five passengers for our AS350 helicopter is ideal for client business trips, rewarding staff members, and any other occasion that calls for high-profile activities in a charming and beautiful setting.

During your helicopter journey to Brunello at Banfi Castle in Italy, take in the breathtaking views of Tuscany and have a private guided tour of the castle, vineyard, and cafeteria. This VIP experience is sure to impress, and it is followed by a tutored wine tasting of five Banfi wines and a traditional five-course Tuscan meal.
The helicopter flight starts at the airport in the centre of Rome and takes you to the Banfi castle while providing breathtaking views of both Monumental Rome and the Tuscan hills. Fantastic for ice breakers and getting to know your guests in a more opulent and laid-back setting.
This VIP experience with a helicopter flight and wine tasting is perfect for business travel, staff appreciation, and high-profile events where making a good impression is crucial.

Booking Advice
Take a day trip in style to one of Italy's greatest vineyards.
Helicopter sightseeing flight above Monumental Rome from or to Urbe airport
Maximum three individuals for a light helicopter
Maximum capacity for an AS350 helicopter is five.
Larger parties can be accommodated by renting multiple helicopters.
Service Shuttle
Private tour of the vineyards, canteen, and Castle in Banfi
To sample five Banfi wines
Traditional Tuscan meal of five courses with Banfi wines
Excellent for vacations both for work and play
Monday through Friday, excluding bank holidays, there is a private tour of the canteen and the vineyard available.
Contact our entertainment specialists right now to reserve this amazing wine tasting and helicopter ride experience and WOW your clients and/or visitors.
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