Hire 20th Century party Band for amazing covers and dancing

Hire 20th Century party Band for amazing covers and dancing

Hire 20th Century party Band for amazing covers and dancing

You'd want to have a themed party, but you're not sure which decade to pick. To avoid the stress of making a choose, simply hire the 20th Century Party Band and get them all! This incredibly skilled band performs the most well-known songs from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s while dressed in period-appropriate attire, taking you on a musical journey through the sounds and fashions of the previous 70 years.
You'd think the Beatles and Buddy Holly themselves had opted to play your event given their skills as performers and showmen. You'll be tapping your feet in anticipation as the two guitars, bass, drums, and female percussionist and dancer recreate the varied sounds of classic pop music. В
Customers can choose the songs they want and make specific requests from the band's extensive repertoire. The 20th Century Party Band can perform at your party while roaming around because all of their equipment is wireless. They can do the same while performing on a festival stage in front of thousands of people. Actually, they could perform both! В
They can offer full sets for each of the aforementioned decades if you do have a specific decade in mind (as well as a 1920s set). Your themed 80s party or product launch might feature a band that looks and sounds exactly like the real thing with access to a wide variety of original vintage costumes.
This party band offers something unique. This band can accommodate any taste and specialises in the most sought-after genres of recent history after developing their repertoire and show over many years and amassing hundreds of costumes in the process. Check out their amazing client list and condensed set list to be sure you're booking a band that is held in the highest regard.
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