Hire Beatboxer France – World Beatbox Champion | Paris

Hire Beatboxer France – World Beatbox Champion | Paris

Hire Beatboxer France – World Beatbox Champion | Paris

With his high-energy performances and battles, this outstanding performer, an award-winning beatboxer with more than 20 years of expertise, is sure to send the crowd at your upcoming event into a frenzy.
This accomplished beatboxer will captivate audiences with his undeniable artistic talent, contagious enthusiasm, and charm. His use of only his voice and a loop pedal to produce fascinating, high-energy music will make people's jaws drop. This remarkable performer, who has been ranked among the top 8 French beatboxers since 2006, never fails to dazzle.
Our French beatboxer has had the honour of performing on stages with many well-known bands and beatboxers. This beatboxing world champion is always excited to work with other artists and appreciates the chance to be innovative and come up with a variety of ideas for his live beatbox performances.
This internationally acclaimed beatboxer has mesmerised listeners with or without his loop station. He has travelled around Europe and entertained crowds in places like India, Taiwan, and China. Our French beatboxer has opened for a variety of artists, including Cypress Hill, C2C, Laurent Garnier, and DJ Qbert.
This extraordinary performer has dazzled crowds at a variety of events and festivals with his vivacious live beatbox demonstrations. Our award-winning beatboxer is ideal for a variety of events, including urban entertainment, corporate events, festivals, private parties, marketing and advertising campaigns, and media appearances.
We take great delight in offering live beatbox displays for parties and occasions in France and throughout the world at Bella Entertainment.
Do not hesitate to contact us immediately and submit an inquiry if you would like to book this incredible beatboxer from France. Our in-house team of entertainment specialists will be pleased to provide you more information about this French beatboxer and help you make a booking.

Book now or send your inquiry via email or WhatsApp: +971 50 541 7318.


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