Hire Business Coach Jody Shield

Hire Business Coach Jody Shield

Hire Business Coach Jody Shield

Jody Sheild, a TEDx speaker, money mentality specialist, and top conscious business coach, is a popular choice for a range of corporate events. Her special coaching approach skillfully combines fundamental business principles, money management, and more spiritual thinking, enabling business owners to utilise their abilities most effectively and prevent burnout. She works with customers to build their businesses in a variety of ways, including online business growth, revenue growth, and breaking through hurdles that are restricting earning potential that are frequently self-imposed. Jody is a proponent of high-level productivity techniques with a focus on bio-hacking and performance. Jody, who is regarded as an authority in her profession, is one of Marie Claire magazine's 30 worldwide influencers and was the brand's first ambassador for meditation in Europe. Jody has regularly been featured in numerous media venues for her excellent advice. She has written for publications such as Grazia, BBC Radio 5 Live, TALK Radio, Balance Magazine, and more.

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