Hire Caroline Marson Vegan Chef

Hire Caroline Marson Vegan Chef

Hire Caroline Marson Vegan Chef

having 25 years of experience working as a food editor, food stylist for publications and websites, recipe creator, TV presenter, and food stylist for commercials, books, advertising, and public relations. Former Cookery Editor of Good Housekeeping Magazine. She lived and worked in Sydney for eight years, producing culinary media and organising workshops and Wellness Project Events there. Now settled in London and the English countryside, I write and photograph recipes, paint, create content for social media accounts, create websites, and maintain social media accounts for particular people. A passionate advocate for promoting sustainable, natural food production and "food as medicine," the former food editor was a member of the original team that developed and launched the Love Food, Hate Waste campaign. The Cordon Bleu Cookery School in London is where the professional chef received his French cooking training. He has worked with several renowned chefs, including Gordon Ramsay, Raymond Blanc, and John Burton Race. She has also had positions as head chef for the Justin de Blanc restaurant group and a private chef and outside caterer in London and around Europe. Extensive expertise as a production manager, stylist, creative director, and food photographer in addition to editing, social media material, and TV production in general, including cooking on TV. She advocates the Planetary Diet by teaching people how to prepare plant-based meals with a lower intake of animal meat, which is considerably easier on the earth and was once a full-time vegan. She established The Wellness Project in 2016 to bring together like-minded food professionals in the holistic and wellness industries as a Jamie Oliver Ambassador. Communities were to be informed, and recipes and information on meals that heal rather than hurt were to be shared. For numerous charities, such as Sugar by Half, World Mental Health Day, Jamie Oliver Food Revolution, Cancer Fit Australia, and The Welcome Project, she has raised awareness and money.

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