Hire Chain Reaction Game Barcelona Indoor Teambuilding Activity Spain

Hire Chain Reaction Game Barcelona Indoor Teambuilding Activity Spain

Hire Chain Reaction Game Barcelona Indoor Teambuilding Activity Spain

This energising Chain Reaction Game is a fun indoor teambuilding activity that will put your coworkers' and employees' problem-solving, time management, and teamwork skills to the test.
This enormous chain reaction project is the ideal way to assess their interpersonal abilities and aid in the development of new ones. It is suitable for huge workgroups that advance toward shared goals. Using various tools and materials, including their own bodies, they must create a cascading effect as part of this team-building activity.
Teams will be formed from the participants. All working groups must work together in order to create a cascading series of cause and effect that works. Each team will be led and assisted by our skilled specialists, who will also urge them to distribute the work across their skill sets. Giving teams points based on performance will increase the competitiveness.
The number of participants is unlimited, as seen in the images above, making this group teambuilding activity the ideal activity for big organisations and significant groups.
This chain reaction game, a business team-building exercise that calls for coordination, cooperation, and delegating, will aid employees in honing their various skills and aptitudes. Time management is essential, so in order to achieve a consistent outcome, participants will need to be able to think quickly and communicate well with both members of their own teams and the other teams. All of the participants will have a video record of the event because it will be shot.
The cost of this difficult chain reaction project includes:
every piece of gear and material required to complete the task
experts with the necessary training to lead participants through the procedure
Requests for venue rentals
a video clip
Contact us right now to inquire about scheduling this thrilling Chain Reaction Game in Barcelona and other areas of Catalonia. Our in-house staff of entertainment specialists will be happy to address all of your inquiries and help you with the booking procedure.

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