Hire Chocolate Workshop Munich Team Building Activity Germany

Hire Chocolate Workshop Munich Team Building Activity Germany

Hire Chocolate Workshop Munich Team Building Activity Germany

A creative, hands-on team-building activity that allows participants to make their own vegan and lactose-free chocolate results in a fantastic incentive that is both engaging and delectable. For a wonderful chocolate-making and chocolate-tasting experience that is appropriate for visitors of all ages, reserve this chocolate workshop.
With just five basic ingredients, you can make your own vegan and lactose-free chocolate:
Cacao butter
cacao meal
pulverised cacao beans
Agave Vanilla Syrup
The next step is to garnish your chocolate with your preferred toppings.
In our vegan chocolate workshop, you will make delicious chocolate and gain professional knowledge about the superfood raw cacao. The ultimate motivation for every chocolate fan is a chocolate tasting experience that expands their palate with the richest aroma of pure cocoa beans and natural ingredients. Each and every chocolate workshop is customised to the needs of the customers, so the participants will enjoy fine chocolate and engage in this engaging activity as a cohesive team. This experience is guaranteed to impress and strengthen teams within the workshop.
The workshops are set up as follows:
1. Introduction: What is made of chocolate after 30 minutes? presentation of the five essential ingredients, explanation of the production of chocolate, and explanation of the recipes with examples
2. Make Chocolate: In 90 minutes, use 5 ingredients and 30 toppings to make your own custom chocolate.
3. Benefits of cocoa: 30 minute cooling period during which team building, health benefits, and the world of cocoa are discussed. opportunity to sample the unprocessed beans and finished chocolate
4. Prepare and delight: 30 minutes
Select from a range of workshops that are specially designed for your group:
Location 1: Munich Sendling's Manufactory Style (room for 8-12 participants)
Location 2: Bellbachviertel in Munich, a cooking school (room for 8-25 participants)

3rd location: not in service German Max-Town (room for 20-100 participants)
The location requirements for each chocolate workshop must include a kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, and seats with the capacity to accommodate 8–100 people.
booking advice This interactive chocolate workshop is a chocolate lover's paradise and is ideal for team building exercises and incentive programmes.
obtainable for 8–100 individuals
Pick from 5 fundamental elements.
awareness of the advantages of raw cacao for health
The three-hour workshop
A kitchen with a stove, a refrigerator, and seating is required.
On the day, you can take chocolate with you, but it needs to be eaten within a week.
Can the chocolate moulds be reused?
You'll get a tiny, specially crafted bag with lovely labels for your bars and wafers.
Contact our entertainment specialists right away to reserve our delectable chocolate workshop for your team-building event, private party, or incentive award.

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