Hire Cover Karaoke Band

Hire Cover Karaoke Band

Hire Cover Karaoke Band

With our very entertaining live karaoke band from Amsterdam, liven up your subsequent occasion! They are one of the few bands in Holland that can perform as a bandeoke band or as a cover band, and they can alter their performance on the night of your event to fit the mood.
We have a fantastic party band and karaoke band that can play a wide variety of local and foreign pop and rock hits. Customers can choose from a variety of artists, like 3 Doors Down, Adele, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Nirvana, and Whitney Houston, to construct personalised set lists to fit their events. The dance floor will always be packed thanks to the expert party DJ that our function band can supply in addition to their sets.
Five seasoned musicians who are professionals at understanding their audiences make up the karaoke and cover band. When you hire our karaoke and cover band, they may include as many or as few karaoke songs into their set as is necessary on the night, ensuring that the music continues even if there are no volunteers.
Super Tip
Uncertain about the set times for this cover band? If you'd prefer a longer or shorter performance, speak to one of our entertainment planners. They can perform up to three one-hour sets with 30-minute breaks in between.

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