Hire Escapologist – Extreme Stunt Show | Book Stunt Act

Hire Escapologist – Extreme Stunt Show | Book Stunt Act

Hire Escapologist – Extreme Stunt Show | Book Stunt Act

The audience will be astounded by our fantastic stunt performer's inconceivable extreme stunt display! He gives extraordinary entertainment that tests the limits of the human body and is also an amazing escape artist.
With more than 16 years of expertise doing extreme entertainment for international audiences, our escapologist and stunt performer has honed an astounding range of daredevil feats that will leave viewers completely dumbfounded. In his extraordinary stunt act, a master magician and adrenaline king, you may see him escape from a 600-liter water tank, the electric chair, fire ropes, and more. This dude seems to be capable of anything. In fact, he set records when, in 2002, he managed to escape from the tracks of Europe's biggest roller coaster, "GeForce."
Our escapologist puts on a wonderful intense stunt display that is not to be missed, whether he performs alone or with his fantastic daredevil assistant! Additionally, our stunt performers may design specialised, tailored extreme entertainment solutions that integrate particular items, goods, and even places. He is therefore the ideal candidate for PR gimmicks, promotional activities, product debuts, and business gatherings. Additionally, you can hire us to perform our risky stunt performance at resorts, hotels, and theme parks.
Our stunt artist and escapologist performs more than 500 concerts annually and is known throughout the world for his exhilarating, adrenaline-pumping stunt productions. Invite our stunt team to perform at your event and give spectators a show they won't soon forget.
With years of experience, Bella Entertainment knows how to combine great entertainment with events to provide attendees a memorable experience. In addition to booking your entertainment, our staff of knowledgeable entertainment coordinators is available to provide you specially designed entertainment choices that have been expertly crafted to meet your entertainment requirements. Contact us right away to get started on the process of booking unforgettable event entertainment.

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