Hire Event Host Manuel Feijoo – Bilingual Spanish Event Presenter Spain

Hire Event Host Manuel Feijoo – Bilingual Spanish Event Presenter Spain

Hire Event Host Manuel Feijoo – Bilingual Spanish Event Presenter Spain

Manuel Feijoo, a Spanish event host, actor, and keynote speaker, is well-known for his remarkable sense of humour, his distinguished artistic family, and his extensive professional background in TV and events. He is a competent speaker of both Spanish and English and is a multilingual event host who can convey any message with wit and strict professionalism. Aragon family member and early professional experiences
Miliki, one of the finest Spanish-speaking clowns of all time, was the grandfather of Manuel Feijoo. He is a descendant of one of Spain's most renowned creative families and shares their love of entertainment. В
Since the start of his artistic career in 1996, he has written, created, produced, and hosted a variety of TV series. He has been in several Spanish TV episodes and movies as an actor. As a multi-talented performer, he is also known for his work as a producer, scriptwriter, and magician. An event host with expertise and bilingualism
Manuel is a popular event host with experience presenting events to various audience demographics. He is a flexible event presenter who can tailor his message to families, professionals, business owners, and more. He instantly interacts with audiences and enjoys interacting with people, asking questions, and making everyone part of the performance because of his endearing nature and subtle sense of humour.
Manuel is also a gifted keynote speaker and stand-up comedian. As you can see in the video up top, he has taken part in a number of conferences and presentations, including a TEDx Talk in Seville. The road Miliki took to become the most well-known Spanish-speaking clown in the world and how he overcome difficulties in a field with a high unemployment rate are the main topics of his speeches, which can be applied to any business and entrepreneurial endeavour.
Numerous high-end brands have hired him to host their events since he is a natural public speaker. His past clients have included Read Madrid FC, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Bing, the Walt Disney Company, L'Oral, Mahou, and Sanitas, among many more. He has over 1,000 events under his belt.
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