Hire Glowing Ball Percussionists – Interactive Drumming Act | Netherlands

Hire Glowing Ball Percussionists – Interactive Drumming Act | Netherlands

Hire Glowing Ball Percussionists – Interactive Drumming Act | Netherlands

For your future event, are you seeking for a visually distinctive live music experience? Book the incredible Glowing Ball Percussionists, a trio of drummers who use enormous LED percussion balls to create a visually beautiful performance, to astound your visitors.
This interactive drumming act, a stage musical with percussion and lighting, is sure to leave enduring memories and get people talking about it for years to come. Our interactive LED percussionists will release the LED percussion balls so they can "surf" through your venue and people may play with them and make some music, which encourages a lot of audience participation in the performance.
This drum show, a stunning rhythmic spectacle, is the ideal way to start or end a significant ceremony or occasion. This LED drum act will be an instant smash and produce a tonne of video for social media. It is a feast for the eyes (and the ears). Our LED light drummers are prepared to modify their performance to fit various performance settings, and they are dedicated to collaborating closely with you to provide a genuinely exceptional audiovisual experience.
This glow-in-the-dark spectacle is perfect for a variety of festivities, including opening ceremonies, galas, halftime shows, concerts, and festivals, among others. It adds a stunning visual touch to any event and never fails to dazzle.
Top Tip: For maximum visual effect, the show should best be performed in low light.
We take great satisfaction in offering a wide range of live music entertainment alternatives for events and occasions in the Netherlands and throughout the world at Bella Entertainment.
Contact us immediately if you're interested in hiring our incredible Glowing Ball Percussionists. In addition to giving you more information about this interactive drumming act, our fantastic staff of entertainment experts will be happy to walk you through the booking process.

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