Hire LED Drumming Act London – Book LED Saxophone UK

Hire LED Drumming Act London – Book LED Saxophone UK

Hire LED Drumming Act London – Book LED Saxophone UK

Bella Entertainment UK's amazing Walkabout Bongos & Saxophone presentation, which features some of the best and most well-known event musicians in the world, will guarantee that every visitor at your event is on the dance floor.
Our gifted saxophonist and bongo percussionist perform on specially built LED instruments, and they not only make the ideal duo but can also sync their instruments to change colour in time with music or to fit the colour scheme of your venue. The quartet, which has amassed over 4000 international performances and 5 million YouTube views combined, is also available for hire with a variety of other highly sought-after nightclub musicians.
Our LED musicians perform with entirely wireless instruments, making it simple for them to mix and mingle with people at your event and draw attention to your dance floor. They are the ideal entertainment choice for corporate parties, club nights, and festivals. The 02 Arena, Nikki Beach, and the F1 Automotive Awards are just a few of the prestigious venues where our travelling bongo and sax combo have been booked to perform. They never fail to wow the crowd.
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If you have any questions about using these walkabout musicians for your special occasion, get in touch with our helpful team at Bella Entertainment UK. They are a flexible alternative for event entertainment.
Contact our Entertainment Specialists to arrange our massive walkabout bongos and saxophone show.

Book now or send your inquiry via email or WhatsApp: +971 50 541 7318.


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