Hire Live Jazz Singer | Frank Sinatra Tribute | Book Crooner

Hire Live Jazz Singer | Frank Sinatra Tribute | Book Crooner

Hire Live Jazz Singer | Frank Sinatra Tribute | Book Crooner

Robert began his career as a jazz club owner, where he discovered the ideal opportunity to perform in front of crowds live. He was encouraged to pursue singing seriously by making friends with local and travelling artists and concentrating on Sinatra's style and songs.
You could say that the death of Frank Sinatra, the most well-known jazz performer in the world, was the catalyst for the start of this crooner's professional music career. But even as a young boy in Winnipeg, Canada, Crooner Robert received comments about how much he resembled Sinatra in terms of both voice and appearance. Considering Robert's appreciation of the songs Sinatra sang, this comparison isn't too awful.
Rob, like Sinatra, had learned to sing on his own, but as a professional, he sought instruction from a well-known jazz vocalist and a classical singer and pianist from Canada. When he focused on the music he enjoyed listening to the most, he discovered that he also enjoyed singing it.
Since then, Robert has given performances across Western Canada in ensembles ranging from trios to big bands with 18 players. The Calgary and Saskatoon jazz festivals, live performances on City TV, opening for Pink Martini at Calgary's Jack Singer Concert Hall, and a special performance event for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper are just a few of his career's highlights.
Robert has remained a well-liked choice for bookings at clubs as well as a variety of business and private events. Rob is completely focusing on his performing career and is available to perform at a variety of occasions, including corporate and private parties, after selling his cafe and jazz club in 2012.

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