Hire Traditional Flag Wavers

Hire Traditional Flag Wavers

Hire Traditional Flag Wavers

Since the group's founding, the Flag Wavers have performed at more than 1500 renowned events in Italy and other countries.
Depending on the venue and location, each performance consists of exercises with one, two, or three flag throwers as well as small and large teams. Each performance is a magnificent display honouring tradition, history, culture, and folklore.
This one-of-a-kind performance, which features a remarkable fusion of drummers, flag wavers, costumes, and colour, is well-known for its authenticity both in Italy and abroad.
The meeting of the women and flag throwers creates an amazing environment by fusing dance, music, and colour.
The competition between two flag throwers replicates a contest between each flag thrower's skill and strength, but the performance's standout moment is without a doubt the display of fluorescent flags at night, which only a select few organisations in Italy are able to pull off.

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