Hire Tuna Performers Spain – Traditional Spanish Act | Barcelona

Hire Tuna Performers Spain – Traditional Spanish Act | Barcelona

Hire Tuna Performers Spain – Traditional Spanish Act | Barcelona

By hiring these Spanish university students known as Tuna Performers, who do this ancient Spanish act, you may transport attendees to the 13th century at your event.
The Tuna was founded in the Middle Ages by students who performed music for cash and sustenance. By upholding tradition now, these ensembles pay homage to those mediaeval artists. These musicians may give any gathering a genuine Medieval atmosphere by dressing in the typical tuna attire of their university.
This travelling tuna band is made up of 26 musicians, all of them are men. Our artists can be hired in various groups and are available in various lineups. They are skilled musicians and vocalists who can play a variety of instruments, such as the guitar, accordion, charango, guitarron mexicano, etc.
Traditional Spanish music makes up the bulk of our Spanish tuna musicians' extensive discography; from boleros and tangos to rancheras and pasodobles, our band can play the greatest Spanish ballads for your event's attendees to enjoy.
This well-known walkabout band, the roving tuna band, can play concerts and serenades while moving about your venue. This traditional Spanish act frequently plays outside and can frequently be spotted performing in the streets.
Our Spanish tuna musicians may perform traditional Spanish music at events including festivals, cultural gatherings, private gatherings, dinners, and many more. Our Spanish tuna musicians, who are also renowned for marriage proposals, may make that particular moment more more memorable by singing romantic ballads to newly engaged couples.
Bella Entertainment provides a large selection of traditional Spanish performers for events and celebrations in Spain and around the world.
By getting in touch with us right away and asking to talk with one of our entertainment experts, you can learn more about these Spanish tuna performers. They will be more than pleased to respond to any inquiries you may have on these Spanish tuna musicians and to assist you in making a booking.

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