Hire Virtual Online Wine Tasting

Hire Virtual Online Wine Tasting

Hire Virtual Online Wine Tasting

FAQs1. How does it function? This wine tasting event will be live-streamed using Cisco Webex, Zoom, or another video conferencing platform. You will be led through the experience by our expert sommelier as you sample several wines and discover various wine sensations and aromas.2. How many sessions last? Each session's duration is flexible and may be altered to meet your event's needs, but for the full experience we advise booking between 45 and an hour. This should enable you to taste four to six wines. How many individuals can participate? There must be a minimum of 5 participants for this activity. There isn't a predetermined limit, and your choice will primarily depend on the technology you choose for video conferencing. But larger groups will limit the amount of engagement our host may have with the visitors. Are there any requirements for participants? To participate in the class and, of course, the wines they are tasting, visitors will need a gadget and a reliable wifi connection. We will help set up the wine delivery in advance of the date of your event. Is this a dialogue? It is possible for this experience to be incredibly engaging. Along with actively participating in the wine tasting, our host also welcomes questions and can include a Q&A at the conclusion of the experience6. How can I customise this experience? This experience is highly customizable; the classes can concentrate on any country or region of your choice (for example, Italian wines or wines from Tuscany), any wine typology (for example, red wines or sparkling wines), or even just a specific food pairing (for example, wine and cheese or charcuterie), making it the ideal companion to some of our other fantastic, online workshops.

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