Hire Virtual Zoom Casino

Hire Virtual Zoom Casino

Hire Virtual Zoom Casino

How does it operate? For a quick start to the festivities, we advise urging all of your friends to arrive a few minutes early! Before being let inside the foyer of the main chamber, they will congregate in the virtual waiting area to mingle. The event's virtual host will then extend a warm welcome to everyone and go over the schedule and game regulations with anyone who might be unsure. Visitors will be taken away to their breakout rooms, each with a dedicated Croupier Dealer, as soon as everyone is ready. The dealer asks each player at the table what chips they want to wager in an effort to move up the leaderboard after placing a tangible stack of chips next to each player's digital name tag. Before returning to their designated breakout rooms for more fun, our casino experience can include a break between games that allows guests to rehydrate beverages and socialise, chat, or even boast about their accomplishments in the main lobby. The games are switched around the players while they remain in their designated breakout areas. After every game is finished, participants return to the main lobby to hear the final results and our event host will announce the winners of each room and the overall chip competition. How long is each experience, exactly? However, we would suggest between 1 and 2 hours. This is totally flexible and actually depends on how many games you would like to play. 3. How many participants are allowed? The minimum number of players needed is 5, but the maximum number depends on the games you choose and the number of breakout rooms you use. With up to 10 rooms accessible, our virtual casino providers may host up to 15 players per room for roulette, 15 players per room for blackjack, three-card poker, and craps, and up to 10 players per room for Texas Holdem. 4. Are there any requirements for participants? All guests will require is a device to connect to the call and a reliable internet connection. 5. Is it possible to customise this experience? Yes! Using virtual green screens, you may create bespoke backgrounds for your experience, and our crew at the virtual casino can even personalise the table with player name tags and a logo of your choice!

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