Horse Drawn Carriages

Horse Drawn Carriages

Horse Drawn Carriages

Our carriages are ideal for weddings, birthdays, sweet 16s, anniversaries, sleigh trips, and more, making every moment unforgettable. You can guarantee that no one else will have these one-of-a-kind carriages by building bespoke ones, which provide for the ideal event transportation. Hire one of our chariots and discover what it's like to be a fairytale figure.
Imagine making the grand entry in one of our exquisite carriages, and watch as your guests are amazed. A wonderful addition to any event wanting to add a bit more glitz, class, and refinement.
You can pick from a variety of horse-drawn carriages, including the following:
waggon for a wedding
Wheel-Mounted Sleigh for Santa
Princess Cinderella Royal Carriage
Rides on Mountains
Trumpeter sOld Time Wagon sProposal Rides  s ...and more.
Our horse driven carriages not only look the part, but with our lovely horses, you're guaranteed to have all eyes on you as they transport you to where you want to go in style. They also boast a wonderful experience that you and your guests can remember.

Top Tip: We also have a hayride waggon that can be taken to other destinations across the US and seats 20 adults.
Our horse drawn carriages, in addition to the hayride waggon for bigger groups, can be reserved for proposal trips, giving you and your special someone a tour of wherever you want to go before you pop the question.
You can be sure that your grand entry will stand out from the crowd for years to come with the variety of event transportation and horse-drawn carriages that are available, as well as the possibility to entirely customise our waggons and carriages.
Get in touch with our Entertainment Specialists right now to rent horse-drawn carriages or to learn more about renting a wedding carriage.

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