Hula Hoop Troupe

Hula Hoop Troupe

Hula Hoop Troupe

For incredible hula hoop walkabout entertainment, reserve our hula group. This hoop act pop up show has graced stages for clients including the London Olympics, Kenzo, and more, and it can provide customised performances that are specifically tailored to your event.
These beautiful women have some incredible hooping moves that elevate the art form. They can perform on roller skates, even high-heeled ones, and mix the joy of the 1950s in a way that will engage and impress visitors and delegates of all ages. They can spin an absolutely mind-boggling number of hula hoops.
Their carefully rehearsed acts, complete with button-down shirts and headscarves from the Rock n Roll period, have a jocular appeal straight out of a 1950s restaurant. The hoop act do more than just spin hula hoops; they create incredible patterns with several hoops as soloists within an ensemble and then combine the group into a vast structure of hoop crazy.
The group's conviction in the fun that hula hooping can bring also serves as its foundation. Along with their beautifully choreographed stage performances, they also provide workshops where people of all ages can learn their joyful, carefree skill. They hold the view that everybody can hula hoop, and that doing so unites people and makes them smile.
And they are correct; they are well-liked by their audience and in in demand as a hoop troupe. They can perform their previously described roller-skating act in addition to or independently from the hoop act, as well as skipping acts.
For workshops at children's parties, schools, business team-building, or just to get people moving, the group is ideal! Due to their versatility as performers and the customization choices they offer, they can fit a wide range of occasions. They are excellent as a stage performance or walkabout entertainment, and their prior experience demonstrates their diversity.
Please get in touch with our team of committed event coordinators right now to reserve this hula pop up show.

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